Puppy Mills

Say NO! to puppy mills.stop

Puppy mills can be described with one word – ugly! And it is pet stores that keep puppy mills and ‘back yard breeders’ in business in their ugly industry.

The definition from “The Dog Owner’s Guide” website, which fairly defines the differences between hobby breeders, amateur breeders, professional breeders, etc, sums it up:

A real puppy mill: A breeder who produces puppies with no breeding program, little attention to puppy placement, and poor health and socialization practices. Conditions in puppy mills are generally substandard and may be deplorable, and puppies and adult dogs may be malnourished, sickly, and of poor temperament.

More information on puppy mills and back yard breeders can be found throughout our site.

You can also do a search on “puppy mills” at google.com. But BEWARE…the stories and pics you will find can be very disturbing and upsetting.

The price of the cruelty just to get a pet is too high!

In the meantime, read one puppy’s story – PET STORE PUPPY or about MAKING A SALE

All of God’s creatures deserve to be safe, loved and respected.

We stand strongly against puppy mills and their mistreatment of all animals. We rescue and take in animals (breeding stock and puppies) that are from mills and need your help. More information about our animals are available on the main part of our SITE.

PLEASE…be a part of the solution and NOT a part of the problem. Help those that are already here and desperately need our help. Thank You!

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May God Bless us all with Happy Lives and Forever Homes.