Making A Sale


Mom. Mom. Mooooooom! Can we go in and look at the puppies and kittens? Can we Mom? Please Mom? Aw go’n Mom.

Yep, you’ve guessed it, Mom made the mistake of walking past the pet store. You know that pet store at the mall with the cute little puppies in the window? Oh that’s right, you don’t live here so you might not know which pet store I mean. It’s the one in the mall where everyone walks in. It’s not a bad store though. The cages are always clean, it doesn’t smell, the puppies and kittens always look so well fed and their food and water always looks fresh. And the sales girls are always so nice and polite and helpful and gentle with the puppies.

Moooooooooooooooooooooom! I want tha’ one right there! Aw Mom, I promise to take care of ‘im. I’ll walk ‘im every day and I rilly will feed ‘im and brush ‘im. Go’n Mum, can we have a puppy? Puhleeeese Mom. Dad said we can get a puppy soon and I want that one. And look Mom, they got a sale on so we can get all the fings we need. Aw go’n Mom, if we don’t get ‘im today ‘e won’t be there next week.

But you do so much wish they wouldn’t put the puppies with the huge big pleading eyes right in the window where every kid can see them and start to play up for a puppy.

Awww look Mom, ‘e likes me, ‘is little tail is waggin’ at me Mom….ooo, he just bit my finger Mom (wild giggling). ‘e must really like me (more giggling).

You guessed it again, Mom gave in to Johnny and let him go have a look at the puppy. Under her breath she’s cursing Dad for even hinting that they might get a puppy soon as she asks the sales girl with the huge smile “How much is that puppy in the window?”

Half an hour later Mom and Johnny are walking out of the pet store with a puppy nipping playfully at Johnny’s nose, a bag full of food bowls, collars, leashes, shampoos and brushes and foods. And all the way home Johnny is talking to the puppy, telling him what the house is like, what part of the bed he can sleep on, where they are going for a walk every day and all the things they can do together after school.

Moooooom, I’m gonna name ‘im Lucky cause I sure am lucky to get ‘im today. And Mom, thanks (huge smile).

You can’t deny it, the joy on Johnny’s face is rewarding.


This is a typical puppy presentation in a pet store window


This is the reality of pre-pet store conditions

How many Johnnys and Moms have fallen victim to the sales ploy so skillfully executed by pet stores displaying the puppies in extremely clean surroundings in the store window? There are no statistics on it.

Sales consultants get paid big money to advise store owners on how to display their stock to draw people in. There are numerous professional sales training courses and seminars run every day throughout the world. The best sales people know the tricks.

Put your  brightest (in the case of a pet store, the cutest) eye catching stock at the front of the store and keep the display bright, clean and exciting.

Once you get a ‘sucker’ in the front door, use words like (relevant to a pet store) “oh this toy will make for hours of fun and excitement for your child and his new puppy” instead of “this toy will cost you $30”. What sounds more important, your child having fun or the cost of the toy?

And then we ask what sounds cheaper and more affordable, $375 or $400?

If you buy today we can knock the price down to $375. This will save you a lot of money (to spend in our store on bowls and collars and shampoos and chewies and in the meantime we know how little we paid for the puppy in the first place because of low breeding standards).

Earlier we wondered how many Johnnys and Mums have fallen victim to such sales ploys, now we ask…

How many of those puppies actually came from such clean surroundings in the first place BEFORE getting to the pet store? Sadly there are no statistics on that either so we can’t shock you with the bare reality of the cruelty that goes on in the first weeks of these puppy’s lives – or that faced even longer by the dogs and bitches.

Mom and Johnny might be victims of very successful sales tactics and paid a price for it. What price has the puppy paid and of what is it a victim of?

All too often you’ll find the puppy and it’s parents are victims of puppy mills. Puppy’s mom and dad will continue to be victims to the cruel and inhumane conditions but the puppy gets to live up to his name, Lucky, while he travels home in Johnny’s arms. Unfortunately, too often there are more cruelties yet to come and not enough puppies, dogs and bitches are lucky.

It could be a few days, a couple of weeks, six months, before problems other than chewing and digging start to show. Some breeds of dogs are susceptible to conditions such as hip dysplasia or spinal problems. If breeding parents aren’t screened and puppies aren’t screened, these conditions can take a little while to show as the pain worsens quietly.

And there are also more common ailments that can cause great discomfort to puppies which, if left untreated in early stages, can be very serious. We’re talking about ‘untreated’ BEFORE you buy the puppy because sometimes after you buy that fun cuddly little ball of fur, it could be too late for a full cure.

Mooooooooom, Lucky is biting at me every time I pat him. He’s cranky Mom and won’t play with me no more. He cries when I pat him like ‘e’s in pain Mom.

The price of taking Lucky to the vet is not going to be ‘on special today only’. And there’s a risk that the news isn’t going to be good nor worth the price. So Mom and Johnny walk away with heartbreak which doesn’t have a price. Lucky is not having a lucky day.

Mom sits there and thinks back to the day she bought that cute, healthy little bundle of joy that was so strategically placed in the window of the pet store. In her hands she holds the pedigree papers without knowing they are worthlessly fake. Johnny just wasn’t going to let up till she bought the puppy. On the way home Johnny was talking over top of the radio telling Lucky about the ins and outs of life in their household and how lucky the puppy and he was to have each other. The look in that little boy’s eyes…

I’m gonna cuddle you softly and love you the whole time Lucky. You and me, we are friends and I wish you were gonna be here for longer.

Mom asked all the right questions that day. She asked about the parents of the puppy, about the breeder, medical history, if the puppy was up to date on shots, etc. She asked about it being vet checked. The sales girl was honest with her answers and told Mom everything the store owner told her. She also pointed out the sign above the extremely clean, well kept cages saying CHOOSE YOUR PUPPY CAREFULLY. NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES AFTER PURCHASE.

Puppy mills don’t have windows. Mom could only see the reflection of the pet store window in the puppy’s huge dark brown eyes when the very first question she asked was…

How much is that puppy in the window?

The REAL price of the puppy in the window was nothing compared to the price of the pain her little boy was feeling in losing his much loved Lucky. She’d pay any price to take away that pain.

You can’t put a price on the cruelty, filth and neglect suffered by the puppies and breeding dogs and bitches in puppy mills – unless you are one of the unscrupulous people profitting from them or the pet stores who support them.

All of God’s creatures deserve to be safe, loved and respected.

We stand strongly against puppy mills and their mistreatment of all animals. We rescue and take in animals (breeding stock and puppies) that are from mills and need your help. More information about our animals are available on the main part of our SITE.

PLEASE…be a part of the solution and NOT a part of the problem. Help those that are already here and desperately need our help. Thank You!

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May God Bless us all with Happy Lives and Forever Homes.