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These are just some of the wonderful success stories of finding Forever Homes for some of the dogs and puppies at Heavenly Acres Pet Rescue and the letters the new Forever Home Parents have sent to us.


Here is a quick update on Sadie:
She had a good check-up at the Vet. She is 44 pounds. Her skin looked good so the doctor felt like we can watch to see if she would require any additional medication for the mange. She was a great patient and never made a noise when they did the exam. We had her tested for heartworm’s, lime, etc. and the results came back negative. We got her started on the heartworm and flea preventative med’s. I also had them place an identity chip on her so if for any reason she got out or someone took her they would be able to identify her no matter where she is and bring her home.

We take them on walks in the evening. Sadie does very well on a leash. I can’t wait to take her to the beach and see how she likes to run in the sand. The pool has been a large drinking bowl for now. She has not gotten in on her own. We were swimming this weekend and carried her in to show her the steps. She swam ok but once she got out she was not sure if she understood how to get back in.

She loves to have Riesling over to play. I think because they are so close in age (2 months apart) they have a blast with each other. Atlantis watches them and will get in on the action as well, but at 10 she is not as feisty as the little ones. We crack up laughing watching them all run around chasing each other.

We had gotten a crate for her and used it for the first couple of days until she felt secure with her new surroundings. She has done so well we now just leave the door open. Since I am home all day and she sleeps with us at night we have not had to use it. I have even left her out of the crate when I had to run an errand and she did fine. I came home and she was up on the bed taking a nap.

She has done amazingly well meeting new people. At first she was very timid. We have taken her out with us (store, friends houses) and she just loves the attention. The owner of the pet store gives her light string cheese and she will do lots of tricks for that!

We know how much she meant to you and wanted to tell you again how blessed we feel to have her as part of our family. She has been a perfect lady. I will try to keep sending pictures as she gets to experience new things.

Thank you so much !
Leah & Ginger


Jan 19, 2002
Dear Cindy,

I’m not sure if you remember us or not but my husband and I adopted Blackjack from you on July 2, 2000 at six months old. We came from St. Augustine and fell in love! Just wanted to let you know we have found one great dog! He turned 2 years old on November 26, 2001. He is inside and outside (our house is completely fenced in) and he loves it here on the East Coast! We have some friends who live in Merritt Island on a canal and he loves to jump in and swim when we visit! He also loves to go out in the boat. Thank You so much! We wanted to drop you a line and tell you we still have him and have changed his name to Ace. It seems to fit his personality better. He is one crazy and happy dog! We are enclosing a couple of pictures to let you see how he is doing and how beautiful he is. Up to 70 pounds and is absolutely gorgeous! On heartworm prevention and flea control once a month. Very protective of me. Anyway, I hope you remember him and enjoy the pictures. Feel free to add to your website if you wish. (Hope you do so everyone can see how happy he is!)


Bonnie and Randy Layfield
St Augustine, Florida


Hello !
My name is Kristina and we rescued a Beagle/Jack Russell mix puppy from you in August of 2000. She was 8 wks old at the time and I thought you would like an update as to how she is doing. She is now 1 1/2 yrs old and the most adorable, high energy dog. We named her Daisy but her nickname is JackRabbit because she is so hyper. She and my Beagle get along wonderful. They are inseperable. She is also a very smart dog. She has learned several tricks. Her favorite thing to do is sunbathe in the back yard and to dig holes under the fence to give her boyfriend next door a kiss (he is a pure Jack Russell Terrier) LOL Just thought I would share. Here are some pictures….Thanks for the work you do!!


littlebear-letterLITTLE BEAR

Hi Cindy,
Thought I’d send you and update and a picture of Little Bear (Turnpike). He is now about a year old (we gave him a birthday of 10/25/00). He is about 65 lbs and about 26 in high (at the shoulder). He can easily walk up to a table and put his chin on it, so we have to contantly watch him when there is food on the table. He stalks and then “points” and chases squirrels and lizards and he constantly retrieves things (my shoes, slippers, stuffed animals, anything) within his reach he wants to pick up. Oh yeah, he is the first dog I ever saw that picked his toenails.

Sure would love to know what breeds he is made of. Of course he looks like a black Lab in color (he has some black and white brindle on his chest) but he doesn’t have the Lab body. His body is more like a Pointer or Dalmation. I checked some books out of the library and found a dog encyclopedia that had a Plott Hound pictured in it. They are an old breed with ancestors from Germany. He looks just like the picture. Plott Hounds and some ancestors of the Lab are suppose to have web feet. Little Bear has web feet. We took him to a Plott Hound owner and breeder in NC and he said Little Bear could have some Plott Hound in him. Have you heard of anybody in your area having Plott Hounds ? They were bred to hunt Bears and Mountain Lions, but more recently used as a Coon Hound.

Wish he could talk so we’d know where he came from and how he got at the service plaza. Will always wonder if someone put him out or he jumped out of a vehicle or if he actually lived within a few miles of the plaza and ran away and got lost.

Would love to hear from you when you get a chance. Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas.


Sandy Oliver


Hello Cindy,
This is Angie, I adopted Bianca about 2 and a half weeks ago. She is a great puppy and sooo full of energy. She always likes to play and go out for car rides, everybody just loves her!

Thanks so much !


I know it hasn’t even been 24 hours but we are really enjoying Helen. We have decided to rename her Sugar because she is so sweet. She really loves running around the yard. It took her awhile to get used to the idea that she could come in the house but she is over that now. She slept in her kennel from about 9:45 last night until 5:30 this morning. I took her outside and she did her business, then it was out to the back patio for breakfast. She has been playing with the girls ever since.

I think she is adjusting quite well. We will take good care of her, thanks again. I’ll let you know how her vet visit goes tomorrow (and I’ll send a copy of the report they give me too).
Linda Fischer


Just thought I would let you know that AJ had his last bloodwork check and his Vet gave him a clean bill of health! I am so happy!

Did I send you a picture of Obie and me? He has become my Italian Stallion and is so tough and strong for a little guy and is now 20 pounds and quite filled out. He’s my protector and catches every thing that enter the house! Even spiders! LOL…..
Thanks for doing what you do.


Tinker is a Yorkie/Schnauzer that came from the Jacksonville Shelter. She and her sister Tica were roamin’ the streets of Jacksonville and were picked up. Due to bein’ heartworm positive and all the hurricanes that have hit Florida, it was hard to find a rescue that could take these girls in. They came to us at Heavenly Acres Pet Rescue and started their heartworm treatments. Tinker was spayed and vetted and now lives with her new family and as you can see, is a very happy and much loved lil girl!

Her new parents have this to say about her:

She is a real delite! No problems at all. We even travel with her and she travels very well. Gets along well with other dogs and children. My friend’s daughter dressed her up in a hat and shirt. Very cute ! Thank you so much for giving us this ray of sunshine. She has touched all of our hearts and we are so proud she is part of our family.


Well, getting home was an ordeal to say the least. Tucker was great but I-75 was closed due to a fatal accident and it took us until 11:00 to get home. He was a real trooper. He seems to really like us, Blue and the house. He took to the dog door like he’d been using one all his life.

We took him and Blue to the dog park tonight. There had to be at least 50 dogs there as eveyone was trying to get their dogs out for a run at least once more before the storm. They were so well behaved ! They were friendly to every dog they met. It was like they’d been going there all their lives.

Tucker is an absolute sweetheart, we love him already. Will send pictures as we get them.

Thank you for letting us have him, he’s a great guy.

All of God’s creatures deserve to be safe, loved and respected.

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