I’m a survivor

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Uga Muga

My Lil Uga Muga

My lil Uga Muga was my first English Bulldog rescue. She came from Jacksonville Humane Society and was totally unadoptable.

Nobody wanted to take her in due to her having demodectic mange. Demodec is heriditary mange. It’s sometimes difficult to cure and can come back at any time, especially through stress.

When Muga came to me we didn’t know what color she was. Her skin was so inflamed, cracked, brittle and areas of her flesh were bleeding. She was a raw pink¬† and gray. As we worked on getting this cleared up and she started to get her color in she started turning into a really adorable lil brindle and white bullie baby.

Muga had quite the personality. She was a real character. She never truly ever got over the demodec, she continued having outbreaks but she did finally get most of her hair with blotches and patches of bare skin.muga3

With a condition like this their immune system isn’t up to par and they tend to have problems. Demodec, if treated early, doesn’t leave them with the issues my Lil Muga was left with. Whoever had her just let her go. They never treated her but let her condition deteriorate to the point that she was in extreme pain. Despite all the pain she was a happy girl.

Muga was the one responsible for me falling in love with the bullie kids, her spunk, her spirit, her funny ways. Despite the pain she was in, she had such an amazing outlook on life. She made the best of every day and loved every day.

My Lil Uga Muga was with me for only ten short months – but they were wonderful months and I know that she was happy in the time she was with me. From October 2004 to July 2005 I experienced what true love is all about through the eyes mugaand heart of a Lil Bullue girl that loved life so much that she never thought about the pain. She thought about living life to the fullest and enjoying every minute of it.

I love you Muga and never a day goes by that I don’t think about you. You are with God now at the Rainbow Bridge, healthy, happy and with no more pain.

Rest in peace my precious baby…we will be together again one day!

You are a survivor

With love



A special letter from Megan

Dear Mommy,

When you rescued me from that puppy mill/backyard breeder in Ocala I know they told you many things that weren’t true. They told you I was only 4 yrs old and that I was up to date on all my shots. They said I had no skin problems and that I was healthy.

Truth is – I was none of these things.

I was in heat when I came to live with you. They were going to sell me to someone else who wanted to breed me again but you saved me. You weren’t going to let them breed me again, you knew I’d had enough.

I was in so much pain at the time. I had a huge tumor inside my right back leg, my ears were so infected I could feel my right ear was almost closed shut, I had mammary tumors and a tumor/growth inside my butt. Yes, you were shocked that it was IN my butt.megan21

I was in so much pain and so cranky but you still loved me even when I tore your hand up bad shortly after you gave me a loving home. I wasn’t being as sweet as they said I was but you understood. I had been abused and I was only trying to teach you that I wasn’t going to take any more abuse from anyone. And you understood what I was trying to say.

As for nicknaming me Ms Tude – hmmmm. What else was I supposed to do but act all silly and wiggle my fat fanny at you every time you called me Ms Tude!

You spent a lot of money on resolving my health issues but you always let me know you felt I was worth it. The dentist took four of my teeth in the examination, the doctor spayed me and removed all my tumors and also cleared up my ear infections. The love in your eyes always assured me that you had no regrets in doing these things for me.

megan31Finally Ms Tude, me, found happiness. It was especially fun when we’d go bye bye together. You took me to MO and KS with you to save those other puppy mill furkids, the trips to Petsmart, you took me everywhere!

I wish I could have stayed with you longer than the four short months we shared but God came for me on Saturday 20 January 2007. I’ll be waiting on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge because I know I’ll see you again one day.

The years of abuse and neglect caused my body to shut down. Although it’s something that happens all too often to puppy mill babies like myself, it doesn’t make it any easier. We suffer years and years of neglect just for someone to make an almighty dollar. They said I was only 4 yrs old but I know you could tell and I heard the doctor say I was more like 7-10 yrs old, closer to 10.

But I got lucky. I got to experience love and kindness even for just a short while.

Your lil Ms Tude loves you Mommy. I’m resting in peace with God now!

I’m a survivor

All of God’s creatures deserve to be safe, loved and respected.

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