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We often get "special needs" pets, either with physical restrictions or health problems that need homes. Are you interested in a special needs pet?
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Before submitting, CHECK and make sure ALL fields are filled in using n/a if a question does not apply to you. Incomplete Foster Home Applications can NOT be processed and will be automatically deleted.

By clicking the Submit button I declare that the above information is accurate and true and that I have read, understand and agree with the terms of Heavenly Acres Pet Rescue's ADOPTION POLICY. I hereby declare that I am financially, physically and emotionally capable of properly caring for an animal and am committed to properly caring for any animal adopted from Heavenly Acres Pet Rescue. If any information provided by me as part of this application is found to be untrue or misleading, I understand and accept that the animal adopted by me from Heavenly Acres Pet Rescue can and will be removed from my possession.

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All of God’s creatures deserve to be safe, loved and respected

If you are interested in providing a loving Forever Home to one of our rescued friends, check out who is available on the ADOPTABLES page

If you can and would like to help care for our orphans in care while they are waiting to be adopted, you can make a donation via PayPal. Your help is greatly appreciated and most definitely need. Most, if not all, of our rescues require extensive medical care upon intake so we can adopt them out in the best state of health and happiness

PLEASE…be a part of the solution and NOT a part of the problem. Help those that are already here and desperately need our help. Thank You

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May God Bless us all with Happy Lives and Forever Homes