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Cindy is the founder of Heavenly Acres Pet Rescue and it can’t be denied – she’s certainly a lover of fur-friends.

Below are the furkids she shares her home with, in Leesburg FL on 2 acres. All were rescue kids. More pictures and their stories will be coming soon.

It is often wondered, by those who know Cindy, if she ever sleeps. It’s obvious her furkids think it’s time for bed


In May 2007 I found out about this poor lil sickly 10 wk old Standard Poodle puppy that was in one of those horrid puppy mills in Missouri. Her story broke my heart and i offered to let her come live with me. She came to me in June 2007 and it took a year of constant worming, antibiotics and more wormings to save her. She had every parasite known to man and then some. It was a struggle to save her but ultimately we won the battle and she’s been with me now for almost 8 yrs.


A person that i knew was going to a puppy mill auction in Missouri back in 2010. I told her that i wanted another Standard Poodle if she came across on to grab her for me.. she asked what i wanted and i told her it didn’t matter as long as it was a female and not white or light colored as I lived in the country and they would be to hard to keep clean. She called me and told me about this very skinny , unsociaized, terrified White male standard poodle. I told her to save him.. so she did.. I wasn’t at all prepared for what i went to pick up out of the transport van. He was so filthy, and stunk so bad that even tho it was cold and rainy i had to drive with my window down gagging as i went straight to the puppy beautician to get him bathed and cleaned up.
He was the most destructive 4 yr old I had ever met but he never had a puppy hood so I allowed him to enjoy life, i never forced myself on him, i let him come to me when he was ready It took 2 yrs before he would warm up to me. Now he is my shadow, he goes every where with me, he’s my constant companion, he’s my Bings, My Handsome Boi.



I’m a rescue.. or suppose to be. Pib is one of my rescue failures. He came on a transport from a high kill shelter in Ga. He was the only one not spoken for and the transporter just couldn’t leave him behind or he’d be put down that morning so she brought him to Florida not having any idea what to do with him. He was so yappy and hyper none of the other rescues would take him. So I did
He had some medical issues as well as behavioral issues that needed to be overcome.. we aren’t real sure what happened to him but he would get very defensive if he thought he was going to be reprimanded. I truly believe that someone had hit him *alot*.
When i first got him , i named him Splash cuz he has a splash of white on his chin, splash of white on his chest, splash of white on his toes and a splash of white on the tip of his tail. As i got to know him better and his personality, he became *Pib* which stands for *Pain-In-Butt*.. yes.. he’s a Pib.. but he’s my Pib and i wouldn’t have it any other way. He came to me in November 2012 at approximately 1 yr of age and he will always be My Pib.

Squeaky aka Queakers

Queakers was a really sad case.. another case of me being a rescue failure. She was born to a puppy Mill mother in the home of a so-called rescue that was actually a hoarder. I got Queakers and her sister from this filthy place in Aug 2007 when they were just barely 8 wks old. They had Parvo. I spent days staying up and giving them water by syringe trying to keep them hydrated. Queakers sister didn’t make it but after working so hard to save Squeaky i couldn’t let her go.. she’s been my baby girl ever since. She is with me 24/7. She even sleeps with me under the covers. She hasta always be with me, touching me..even digging her nails into me while under the covers. She’s the most loving, loyal, happy girl i’ve ever met. That tail never stops wagging. You can see even in the pics that tail is going 100 miles an hour. My precious baby girl.



Stella.. what can i say about Stella.. She’s a character. She is a HUGE void filler. In Aug 2010 I lost my beloved Maggie (english bulldog) and in May 2011 I lost my heart Mandy (french Bulldog) and then Oct 3, 2014 I lost my heart.. my Minnie Mo Mo (Basset) who was with me from the time she was still a thought in her mommy’s tummy for almost 13 yrs.
My dear friend and puppy beautician Darlene knew of a breeder that had a champion English Bulldog that she wanted to place in a good home. Stella had a hard time having puppies and it wasn’t safe for her or the puppies to breed her again so they let her come be part of my family.
Stella most definitely pushed my patience in so many ways. She refused to go outside to potty cuz she didn’t want to get her feet wet or dirty, she was so stubborn.. she’d make me stand outside with her and she’d just stand there and not do anything but would sure run back to the door to come in the minute i gave up waiting on her. It took close to a year to get her to understand that potty is to be done outside. She finally got it tho
Stella came to me in Nov 2012 and is my big giggle. She sleeps with me.. makes me laff.. she lays with her face up near my head and snores and snots in my ear. Then when she gets ready to fall asleep she turns around and sticks that cute , fat bootie up in my face and i use it for a pillow. She’s not quite the pillow my Maggie/Moogs was but she sure is a close 2nd. I love this girl with all my heart.

Isis Aka My Big Lug

Isis came to me August 2014 and also through my wonderful Puppy Beautician Darlene. I wanted another Dane so bad and Darlene knew about Isis. My Isis was Isis first.. long before that terrorist group. She was not quite 3 yrs old. She was very under weight. For her size she should have been in the high 120’s but she was only 103 lbs when i got her. I had to get some weight on her before she could be spayed. When i took her in she was 113 lbs. She’s now 132 Lbs of pure love. She was very shy and still is very leery of strangers but if you’re not knowledgeable of the furkids the way she barks you’d think she’s aggressive but she’s not. Altho her size and her bark are very intimidating. She’s quite the character. She loves to play with my piggie Buddy. I use to think she was trying to hurt him but turns out, they chase each other and play.
Isis is my Isis.. she’s my silly girl, she’s my love, my protector. She always keeps an eye on me and on the house.. nobody gets past my big Lug.



This is my boy Buddy and a buddy he is.. he just turned 15 yrs old this month. I use to be a volunteer /foster for piggie rescue. They were notified of a baby piggie that was running the streets of Panama City after a drug raid and all the people were jailed. Piggie rescue got him and met me in Tallahassee with him. He was about 3 months old when i got him. On my way home my Jeep broke down in Ocala. I had to call my then ex husband to come and get us. Being the typical jerk he is he asked how many *expletive * dogs i had with me and i told him 2 and my piggie. He of course, had to be nasty about it and said he’s not having *expletive* dogs and a pig in his i said fine.. my kids and my piggie and i will just sit here. He did come and get us and Buddy has been with me ever since.
He is the most loving yet protective baby i have. He won’t let anyone pet him but me and if anyone yells at me or shows any sort of aggression towards me.. they have My Buddy to contend with.

All of God’s creatures deserve to be safe, loved and respected.

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