At The Rainbow Bridge

MinnieMinnie Mo Mo

My Beloved Minnie Mo Mo
June 2000 – Oct 2 , 2013

I said I wanted the teeniest , tiniest, raunchiest lil runty female in the litter and God gave me you.. You’re my Heart Minnie.. You always were and Always will be. I love you and Miss you so much. I miss your Wooo Wooo Wooo Wooo when we would sing together…

I Love you Minnie!



Mandy O’Mandy… the drama that came with you! You came from one of those dreaded puppy mill auctions in Missouri.

Boy, you cost me a fortune! I called you my expensive passion. Not only did I pay a hefty price to get you out of that place but then you had to have an emergency spay as you were pregnant and loaded with infection.

We had 4 great years together. I learned a lot about those puppy mills through you and its cuz of you that I’ve done everything I can to help try and shut down those horrible places.

I lost you to congestive Heart failure. You are gone from my life, but never gone from my heart.
I love you Mandy!


Jazzie1Jazzie my Fugitive from Justice

It was definitely by the Grace of God that you came to me.

A friend happened to be in Kentucky at the time and had been told about you being chained to a tree by some drug dealers that were trying to make you mean for protection. When you bit their little girl they were going to shoot you but the original owner heard about it and took you back. My friend found out about this and called me to see if i would take you and i of course, said yes.

Turns out that right after you were on your way to Florida that Animal Control showed up to confiscate you. Since you bit a child they were going to quarantine you and then put you down.

You were always very protective of me but so sweet to people as long as I let them in but there was no way anyone would get in the gate past you. You just weren’t going to let it happen, no way…not on your watch.

I love you and miss you Jazzie!


maggie-1Maggie / Moogs

What I went through to get you! I had just crossed the Florida Line coming home from a long transport from Florida to MO/KS getting puppy mill kids when i got a call from a rescue of 2 english bulldogs that were being released from a mill. I returned the rental van and borrowed a friends Jeep and drove all the way back to KS to get you and your mill friend Sugar.


No sleep in almost 2 days. No regrets either. I remember being so tired that i pulled on the ramp to the rest area and parked between 2 semi’s thinking that would be a safe place to get a couple hours sleep only to wake up and be the only one on the ramp.


You were a huge part of my life for almost 10 yrs. You went everywhere with me including on transports to rescue other mill kids. I had such a hard time after losing you. I couldn’t sleep without you. I became so accustom to you laying next to me and snoring and snotting in my ear/face and then turning around and putting your butt up to my face and i would use your fat fanny as my pillow. Who needed a pillow, I had my Moogs.

I love you and miss you Moogs… I’ll see you again one day and then we’ll never be apart again!



Wow.. what a mess you were. You went from 1 bad situation from a puppy mill in MO to another bad situation to a hoarder that claimed to be a rescue.

I never intended to get you as i was so over run with rescues at the time and i didn’t really want to deal with the long hair but you were such a filthy, matted , tick infested mess i just couldn’t leave you behind. The ticks and the life you endured did quite a number on you medically but never dampened your ability to love and live life to the fullest.

You had so many health problems but you were a fighter and bounced back with each and every bout you had. Then the last time you just couldn’t fight anymore. Your body was just to worn out. You were always such a joy to have around and be around. I miss you sweet girl!



A special letter from Megan

Dear Mommy,

When you rescued me from that puppy mill/backyard breeder in Ocala I know they told you many things that weren’t true. They told you I was only 4 yrs old and that I was up to date on all my shots. They said I had no skin problems and that I was healthy.

Truth is – I was none of these things.

I was in heat when I came to live with you. They were going to sell me to someone else who wanted to breed me again but you saved me. You weren’t going to let them breed me again, you knew I’d had enough.

I was in so much pain at the time. I had a huge tumor inside my right back leg, my ears were so infected I could feel my right ear was almost closed shut, I had mammary tumors and a tumor/growth inside my butt. Yes, you were shocked that it was IN my butt.megan21

I was in so much pain and so cranky but you still loved me even when I tore your hand up bad shortly after you gave me a loving home. I wasn’t being as sweet as they said I was but you understood. I had been abused and I was only trying to teach you that I wasn’t going to take any more abuse from anyone. And you understood what I was trying to say.

As for nicknaming me Ms Tude – hmmmm. What else was I supposed to do but act all silly and wiggle my fat fanny at you every time you called me Ms Tude!

You spent a lot of money on resolving my health issues but you always let me know you felt I was worth it. The dentist took four of my teeth in the examination, the doctor spayed me and removed all my tumors and also cleared up my ear infections. The love in your eyes always assured me that you had no regrets in doing these things for me.

megan31Finally Ms Tude, me, found happiness. It was especially fun when we’d go bye bye together. You took me to MO and KS with you to save those other puppy mill furkids, the trips to Petsmart, you took me everywhere!

I wish I could have stayed with you longer than the four short months we shared but God came for me on Saturday 20 January 2007. I’ll be waiting on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge because I know I’ll see you again one day.

The years of abuse and neglect caused my body to shut down. Although it’s something that happens all too often to puppy mill babies like myself, it doesn’t make it any easier. We suffer years and years of neglect just for someone to make an almighty dollar. They said I was only 4 yrs old but I know you could tell and I heard the doctor say I was more like 7-10 yrs old, closer to 10.

But I got lucky. I got to experience love and kindness even for just a short while.

Your lil Ms Tude loves you Mommy. I’m resting in peace with God now!



Kelly my sweet sweet Kelly… what a rough start you had in life. So skinny, so sickly. You had what is called Mega Esaphagus.

You had such a hard time keeping food down. The vet said that you wouldn’t live to be a year old due to how bad your condition was. You were 10 wks old when you came into my life and you sure fooled everyone when you blessed me with almost 6 yrs.

You were such a clown, always making me laugh. Nothing you enjoyed more than riding in the car and camping out on the bed and the couch. Big couch potato you were. You are and always will be so loved and desperately missed.

I miss you my sweet, lovable lug!


muga2Uga Muga

You were something else! So silly, so full of life. You came to me from the Jacksonville Humane Society.

You had demodectic mange so bad that nobody knew what color you were. You were nothing but skin, scabs and open sores but that sure didn’t stop you… you didn’t let that stuff keep you from living life to the fullest. When you finally did get your hair back you were a beautiful brindle and white.

You sure had an amazing gift of knowing who was good and who was bad. You never liked Angie. You wouldn’t let her in the yard and when she got out of the car you chased her and would bite her in the butt every chance you got. I should have remembered that my precious one. There was never a person you didn’t like except Angie.

Always so sweet, ready to go for rides, ready to snuggle up and watch TV , ready to play. You weren’t with me long but definitely long enough to tear my heart out when I lost you. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you. You are the one that brought me to love the bullies and its you that has made me to always want and need a bully in my life.

I love you and miss you my adorable Muga!



I’ll never forget the day you came into my life. We were at the Miami-Dade Shelter picking up other furkids for rescue.

There you were with your gorgeous blue eyes , skinny as could be, full of ticks with a huge scar around your neck from an embedded chain and totally deaf. You weren’t officially up for adoption at the time and never would be due to being deaf. I begged them to let me take you home. Just as we were about to leave they brought you out to me.

You became my Chomper that day. We had 7 great years together. My constant companion, we went every where together. I never regretted a single day we had together until the day i had to let you go due to the cancer that totally invade every part of your body.

You left a huge emptiness in my heart and in my life Chomper.. You’re gone but never forgotten.

I love you baby boy!


Smoke1Smoke and Suede

You 2 were amazing. Never did I ever feel more protected when you were with me. I remember the day that you came into my life Smoke. It was truly Gods will for you to be with me.

You were at the vets to be put down cuz you were too vicious to be adopted out. I offered to take you in. I explained that where i lived there was no way for you to harm anyone. I lived out in the middle of no where, no neighbors on 10 secluded acres. You were with me almost 10 yrs.I remember you even tried to bite me every chance you got.

Suede1Suede you had a rough time of it. You were adopted from animal control and returned for biting someone. We both lucked out when the animal control officer remembered me and my situation and also remembered Smoke. She asked if i would be willing to take you in. The only other option was to put you down as the county declared you vicious. When you were brought to me, they agreed that would be a safe place for you.We also had 10 great years together.

Despite the fact that you both drove me crazy wanting to always play catch and Suede, goodness girl… you and your pine cones. You were both truly a blessing in my life and i’ll never forget either of you. I love you and miss you dearly. We will be together again one day!